Towns and Communities

subsidy consultancy

  • Monitoring and analysis of subsidy opportunities and subsidy consultancy
  • Processing of project applications
  • Administration and controlling of the use of the subsidy
  • Project management



Records Management


The issue of the management of documents and medical documentation is complex and can have a series of negative, as well as positive, impacts on the organization – it all depends on whether the issue is properly addressed and the legal obligations and, ideally, the appropriate standards and examples of good practice are fulfilled.


Expected Benefits of the Systemic Solution

Analysis of the state of the management of documents and medical documentation, and the subsequent implementation of corrective measures, offers significant benefits in the following areas:

  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the law
  • Ensuring compliance with procedures of good practice and both international and national standards
  • Improving efficiency of resources spent on document management and records management (digitization, outsourcing of selected processes and document storing)
  • Reassessment of tools and processes with regard to their quality and efficiency
  • Creating a development plan for the field of the management of documents and medical documentation, incl. determination of the time and financial framework for its implementation


Destination Management and Strategic Planning


We provide highly professional services in destination management and strategic planning. We create the following dynamically oriented documents for our clients:

  • initial analyses and concepts to promote tourism
  • creation of a brand and marketing strategy of a tourism destination
  • plans for the development of the quality of tourism services 
  • plans for the development of the infrastructure of tourism services
  • creation of strategic plans for tourism development in towns, communities and regions