Education and Human Resources

  • Preparation and implementation of professional courses and educational programmes tailored to a specific demand (e.g. civil engineering, security services, financial services, light industry, ecology, various service industries, etc.)
  • Implementation of model courses from our portfolio (mainly courses of managerial character, personality development, economics, marketing, etc.)
  • e-learning – complete development of educational platforms

In order to provide professional educational services, we are the proud holders of the following accreditations and authorizations:

  • authorization under Act No. 179/2006 Coll. on Verification and Recognition of Further Education Results (professional qualification code 75-01-T Further Education Lecturer) of the Ministry of Education
  • accreditation of the educational institution AK/I-34/2013 (Ministry of the Interior)
  • accredited educational programme “Present issues of corruption in the public administration – issues of corruption and the fight against the corruption in the local public administration in the Czech Republic” AK/PV-350/2013 (Ministry of the Interior)
  • accredited educational program “The CAF model as a tool for comprehensive quality control” AK/PV-351/2013 (Ministry of the Interior)

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